Witness to Hope

A Message From Fr. Nate

The Witness to Hope campaign invites us to rally together around our common mission as God's people. Your faith-filled generosity will be a grace to you, will assist us here at St. Agnes and will advance our sacred work as the Body of Christ in the Diocese of Lansing. Thank you for whatever you are able to contribute.

Where Are We? (as of March 31, 2019)
NOTE: The parish has received six payments as a result of parishioners already paying their pledges!


Please take a moment to listen to Bishop Boyea's message to the diocese...


Witness to Hope Case Statement

As the Diocese of Lansing embarks on its first-ever, diocesan-wide capital campaign, St. Agnes Parish joins with our larger faith family in looking to the future. The Witness to Hope campaign seeks to raise $65 million to support the many ministries of the larger Church, including support for our seminarians and retired clergy, youth and young adults, Catholic education, evangelization and funds for social ministry. Each parish of the diocese is participating in this campaign.

Diocesan Plan for Funds (Goal $65 million)

  • Strengthening Our Parishes - $22.8 million
    • 35% of base target funds raised will be returned to the individual parishes
  • Forming our Youth and Families - $15.2 million
    • Catholic School Financial Aid Endowment - $12.5 million
    • Religious Education & Parent Formation - $2.7 million
  • Evangelizing & Living Our Faith - $13.5 million
    • Catholic Charities Support - $10 million
      • Endowment - $6.5 million
      • Critical Capital Needs - $3.5 million
    • New Evangalization Initiatives - $3.5 million
  • Caring for Our Priests - $7.5 million
    • Priest Pension Fund - $4.5 million
    • Seminary Education and Formation Endowment - $3 million
  • Supporting Ongoing Ministry - $6 million
    • 2017 Diocesan Services Appeal - $5 million
    • Support for the Cathedral of St. Mary - $1 million

St. Agnes Parish Witness to Hope Case Statement

Witness to Hope invites us to join together to support our own parish needs and those of the wider Church. Under the campaign plan created with our parish, we seek to raise $411,285, of which $143,950 will remain in our parish to fund our projects. The balance will support the wider Church efforts as outlined above. The diocese is paying for the base cost of the campaign, including printing, postage, pledge redemption and other related campaign costs. There will be no solicitation for the DSA in 2017.

Our parish leadership believes by participating in the Witness to Hope campaign we shall be able to meet our own important needs, and as part of the Universal Church, we are playing an important role in fostering a strong, faith-filled future for the Catholic Church in South Central Michigan.

Where St. Agnes Funds Will Go (Goal $411,285)

  • Strengthening Our Parish - $143,950
    • This is the amount that will be returned to St. Agnes for our parish needs
  • Forming our Youth and Families - $96,240
  • Evangelizing & Living Our Faith - $85,548
  • Caring for Our Priests - $48,120
  • Supporting Ongoing Ministry - $37,427

Introduction: Together, We Make A Difference

As Catholics, we have a responsibility to meet the needs of our local parish and to collectively act to support those activities that benefit us all. Witness to Hope is the campaign being conducted in each of the 81 parishes in our diocese. It is our opportunity to address both immediate needs and long-term issues.

The $65-million collective goal is designed to provide direct to direct and indirect support to every parish in the diocese. The largest single element in the campaign is the funds to be spent directly by the parish. The benefit from the other elements include ensuring funding for future seminarians, caring for our senior priests, strengthening our religious education programs, expanding parish and social service ministries and addressing current collective priorities of the diocese.

In the coming weeks we will be sharing more information with you during Mass, in the bulletin, at receptions and in information packets for each family.

As our parish moves forward, each of us are asked to do three things:

  • Listen and Learn: Come to understand the needs of our parish and diocese in a very detailed way. See what the impact of what the funds raised will do.
  • Reflect and Pray: Consider what all will be accomplished and the importance of the Church in your life. As a family, seek God's guidance as to how you can best help. Ask questions and ensure your understanding during this period.
  • Decide and Act: When you feel you have had your questions answered and determine how best you can assist, please make your pledge and celebrate with all our parish families and families throughout the diocese.

In the coming weeks, we will build on this information and look forward to an active dialogue with you. Thank you for your prayers, consideration, and interest in our Church.