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Pope urges new cardinals to stay on the Lord’s road

Pope Francis urged new cardinals he created on Saturday not to stray away from “journeying on God’s road”. The red colour of the cardinals’ attire, which symbolizes blood, he warned, “can, for a worldly spirit, become the colour of a secular ‘eminence’”.

The Church’s new cardinals – who’s who?

Who are the 13 new cardinals created by Pope Francis from around the world? They hail from Africa, Asia, the Americas and Europe...

Cardinal Nichols: 'No to cuts on expenditure for overseas aid'

Cardinal Vincent Nichols expresses concern at government plans to cut expenditure on aid to poor countries.

Covid: after State and Market, now is the time for Community

Pope Francis is certain of this and is repeating it to everyone: we will emerge either better or worse after the pandemic The global crisis requires that the parameters of human co-existence be rethought through the lens of solidarity. Based on this foundational idea, the "Covid-19: Building a Healthier Future" has been created in collaboration with the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development, to offer a vision that might lead to the beginning of a new fraternity after the pandemic.

Advent in a time of pandemic

As governments look to easing COVID-19 restrictions over the Christmas holidays, bishops conferences in a number of countries are putting measures in place for the Advent season that encourage people to share hope.

Pope appeals for end to violence in Ethiopia’s Tigray region

Pope Francis appeals for an end to violence and the restoration of peace in Ethiopia’s Tigray region, as the Prime Minister announces an assault on the regional capital.

Cardinal Czerny: young people and migrants at heart of better post-Covid world

The Undersecretary of the Vatican’s Migrants and Refugees Section addresses participants at an online seminar organized by Sophia University in Tokyo, one year after Pope Francis’ visit.

Hungary and Poland pledge to veto EU Budget

Hungary and Poland's prime ministers have vowed to uphold their veto of the European Union's next budget - and its massive coronavirus pandemic relief fund. In Budapest, both leaders said they oppose a mechanism that ties payment of funds to the rule of law principles.

Philippine Church dedicates 2021 pastoral year to missionary renewal

In 2021, the Philippine Church marks 500 years of the arrival of the Gospel in the land. The Philippine bishops have chosen, “Missio ad Gentes”, as the theme of the pastoral year 2021.

All things consistory: linguistic origin....

Have you ever wondered what the word “consistory” means? Or where the word “cardinal” comes from?