Lent at St. Agnes

On Ash Wednesday, traditional Catholics are going to be praying and fasting. It is a powerful day to ask for God’s forgiveness and for the salvations of Souls. Here are some suggestions you may wish to consider for your Lenten  journey:

  1. Do a Humble Confession. Take the time to do a very good examination of conscience and write down your sins so as to not forget them. Never ever conceal sins because of shame.
  2. Holy Mass Everyday. It takes a lot of discipline to get to Holy Mass every day but the fruits are well worth it.  (If unable to attend Mass in person, daily Mass is offered on TV and on the web).
  3. Pray the Holy Rosary. Meditate on the Passion of Jesus (Sorrowful Mysteries) everyday during lent.  Pray together as a family.
  4. Read the Bible. Read and meditate on all that led up to the passion & crucifixion of Jesus.  Each Gospel depicts the passion and crucifixion a little differently.
  5. Pray the Stations of the Cross.
  6. Read a Traditional Catholic Book. Any book that will encourage and inspire you to be happier and holier.
  7. Make Time for Heartfelt Prayer. Talk heart-to-heart with the Father. Pray at Adoration or pray at home.  Then have faith God has heard your prayers.
  8. Disconnect from Social Media. Fast from Facebook. Minimize use of cell phones and computers.  Be connected to God instead.
  9. Disconnect from the News. Instead use this time in prayer for world leaders and world governments.
  10. Fast by Eating Healthy and as a Family. Nix fast foods, desserts, & pop. Cook healthy home made meals everyone can enjoy.  Dine together as a family.
  11. Forgive and Pray for Those Who Have Hurt You. “Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us”.
  12. Stop Taking the Salvation of The World on Your Shoulders. Jesus is the savior of the world.  Kneel and pray about it.  Then give it over to God.

After the 40 days of Lent, hopefully we will have grown spiritually and renewed by the power of the Holy Spirit. Being filled with the Holy Spirit is the happy goal we are trying to reach after 40 days of traveling through the desert of Lent!

This is a shortened version of a posting written February 15, 2015. Fr Carota, who is the author, passed away in July of 2016. RIP Father Carota.