Parish Life

Parish Membership

Welcome! Those who actively participate with us are encouraged to register by contacting the parish office at 517-223-8684. Those who move, marry and remain in our parish, have a seasonal address, or change of address, please notify our parish office.

Sacrament of Marriage

In an effort to strengthen married life, the seven dioceses of Michigan have adopted a policy for wedding preparation which includes making arrangements at least nine months in advance. Please call the parish office (517-223-8684) to schedule an appointment with our pastor.

Infant Baptism

In preparation for infant Baptism, parents are expected to be practicing Catholics and registered active members of our parish. Participation in a Baptism Preparation process is also required prior to receiving the Sacrament. More information about the process and dates scheduled for Baptism may be obtained at the parish office (517-223-8684).